Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Association Gathering in Cape Coral, Florida
October 18, 2008
Permanent executive board
Luis Fernandez, Sensei/Shorin-Ryu
Manny A. Saavedra, Sensei/Goju-Ryu
Jim Kelly, Sensei/Isshin-Ryu
Janice Bass, Sensei/Uechi-Ryu
Dr. J.M. Gallego, Goju-Ryu/National/International Secretary

The World Traditional Karate-do Union is a dynamic, traditionally-based association of professionals united under the examples and teachings of our respective systems. The World Traditional Karate do Union adheres to strict protocols of appearance, etiquette, education, and sound moral standards. While other similar entities exist, the World Traditional Karate-do Union is unmatched proactive approach, in addition to its global reach. Presently, the World Traditional Karate-do Union is represented in many countries throughout the world, and it is our intent to spread the ideals of our association to the four corners of the earth. We do not allow individual schools to join the association, but rather by established, traditionally-based organizations and their respective affiliates.

We have been approached by numerous school heads to join the association, but they have been redirected toward an established organization for admittance into the association. There is ample opportunity for all member organizations to thrive and prosper within the WTKU. For example, because unattached schools are not permitted to join individually, they must first affiliate with a member organization within the WTKU. Once admitted into the organization, they are covered under the guidelines of the WTKU, and reciprocity is observed. Lastly, the WTKU conducts seminars and certifications in crime prevention, ethics and morality, and other significant issues that confront the modern martial artist. Once these guidelines are achieved, the branch or school has officially met the standards of the WTKU. This is what makes our consortium more standardized, comprehensive, and different from any other traditional governing body in the world. We are committed to the research and development of Karate-do. Again, thank you for your participation, patience, and attention during this foundational event.

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